Siemon Expands MapIT® G2 Automated Infrastructure Management System with the Highest-Performing TERA® Solution

Siemon Expands MapIT® G2 Automated Infrastructure Management System with the Highest-Performing TERA® Solution

April 20, 2015. Watertown, CT - Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to expand its MapIT® G2 Automated Infrastructure Management System with its fully shielded TERA® solution. The combination of MapIT G2 technology built into TERA patch panels and cords and the new feature-rich Siemon EagleEyeTM Connect software deliver real-time tracking and management of the highest performing and most secure category 7A/class FA twisted-pair cabling system available.

The MapIT G2 TERA system includes robust intelligent patch panels that are easy to install with modules that snap in from the front or rear and include Quick-Ground technology for proper grounding of the shielded system. The panel's angled design allows for easier cable routing directly to vertical managers. The panel displays real-time information about each patch cord connection and circuit trace locally at the backlit graphic LCD display.

Designed for superior reliability and corrosion resistance, the MapIT G2 TERA patch cords are available in both 2- and 4-pair versions and feature an accessible sensor pin at the rear of the boot for testing and mapping purposes. The 2-pair cords accommodate cable sharing where two 2-pair applications such as VoIP or 10/100BASE-T can run over a single 4-pair cable and outlet, saving cable cost and pathway space.

"Not only are we excited about our powerful EagleEye Connect software, but implementing MapIT G2 technology into the TERA system results in one of the industry's only category 7A/class FA automated infrastructure management systems," says Robert Carlson, Siemon's vice president of global marketing. "There are many forward-looking end users that deploy TERA for its unparalleled performance of 1000 MHz bandwidth, its TEMPEST rating for superior security and its ability to support cost-effective cable sharing. Providing these customers with an intelligent version of TERA brings this premium fully-shielded system to a whole new level of network management, protection and reduced downtime."

A combination of MapIT G2 smart connectivity technology and the new EagleEye software provides complete visibility and control of the physical layer. Using real-time port monitoring and tracing capability, the system identifies faults, unauthorized connections and unused ports to improve troubleshooting response time, work order processes, security and asset management. MapIT G2 TERA patch panels are extremely efficient, using up to 78% less power than competing systems scalable. They are also available in field-upgradable MapIT G2-Ready versions for a simple and cost-effective migration path to automated infrastructure management.

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